Wednesday, June 12, 2024
7:30 pm
Room 420

Last two years, IEEE PVSC Quiz Night has seen strong participation. Riding on the success of the event, we will again this year have the third edition of the IEEE PVSC Quiz Night. All registered conference attendees are welcome to join as participants or audience. All you need is a smart phone, ability to connect to the internet, and the enthusiasm. Rest all is on us!

The event will have several rounds to include history, geography, chemistry, physics, and of course PV. The event participation will be individual based and everyone will have the opportunity to register at the start of the event be the game begins. Points will be based on accuracy and speed of the response. Ever watched a quiz contest on television and wished you could participate in one? Is so, here is your chance to take that off your bucket list.

Refreshments along with refreshing evening of fun quiz will be a great way to come together to celebrate our own IEEE Photovoltaics Specialists Conference. So, let us get together and find out which who will win and become the next IEEE PVSC Quiz Champion. But wait… that’s not all. If there is a competition, there must be prizes. And there are… One student and one non-student winner will each receive a gift sponsored by JPHB Solutions/JPHB CleanTech.