There will be a live PV Jobs Networking Event/Jobs Fair on Wednesday, June 12. This will take place at the Seattle Summit Convention Center in the Terrace Suite Lobby.

PV Jobs seekers do not need to sign up in advance, but are encouraged to bring business cards and resumes for interaction with the potential employers.

The following companies will be participating on-site:
Case Western Reserve University
DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office
MDS3 Center of Excellence
MicroLink Devices
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Naval Research Laboratory
Sandia National Laboratories
Tau Science
University of Cambridge
University of Central Florida
University of New South Wales

There is also an online forum available to connect job seekers and job offers: the LinkedIn PV Jobs group. Relevant job listings on LinkedIn will be available there for job seekers to review. Any questions or comments can be posted directly within the group.

Please feel free to reach out to PV Jobs Co-Chairs,  Kristopher Davis and Lyndsey McMillon-Brown, with subject line stating PV Jobs if you have any other questions.  We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!