Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 pm PDT

Please join us for the "Minority Carriers" Panel. This panel is a part of PVSC diversity and inclusion efforts. This event is open to all individuals who wish to attend. Click here to register for this event.

This year's topics of discussion is PRIDE in one’s identity! Let’s talk about the various identities that you carry and how we, as individuals and leaders maintain pride in who we are even when we’re underrepresented. Are you the only millennial on a team of boomers? Are you one of few women, LGBTQ+, people of color, etc.? We will discuss several professional and personal avenues through which we can display our pride and share that with others. We will also examine what personal, professional, and organizational changes would aid us in optimizing our pride. Minority Carriers will provide attendees with professional development and career guidance that acknowledges the intersectionality and nuance of diversity today. All allies and individuals who self-identify as underrepresented in the PV community (i.e people of color, underrepresented nationalities, women, LGBTQ, first generation students, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and individuals with disabilities) are strongly encouraged to participate. The panelists are also diverse in career paths with representation from academia, government, and industry.

Panelist: Dr. Jann Grovogui is a Sr. Member of the Technical Staff in the Energy Technology Department within the Physical Sciences Laboratories. He specifically focuses on characterization, analysis, and modeling of solar cells and solar arrays for spacecraft. Jann is a recent GEM alumnus, and a (relatively) new addition to The Aerospace Corporation. He defended his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern University in October of 2020 and began working at the Aerospace Corporation that November. Prior to attending Northwestern University, Jann obtained his B.S. in Materials Science and a Certificate in Nuclear Engineering from The University of Pittsburgh. As a student, Jann was a part of multiple mentorship programs including serving as an Engineering Peer Adviser for incoming freshmen at Pitt (2012-2015), a Graduate Student Mentor through the National Society of Black Engineers (2016-2018), and a Graduate Student Facilitator of Black Men LEAD in Evanston, IL (2018-2020). He has also provided informal mentoring to students who are considering or actively seeking graduate degrees by sharing insight from his own graduate school experience.

Panelist: Meghan Bush is a research electrical engineer in the Photovoltaics and Electrochemical Systems Branch at NASA Glenn Research Center. During her nearly 3 years at NASA, she has largely worked on solar cell characterization, spacecraft solar array design, and environmental testing (primarily spacecraft charging and lunar dust interactions). A Louisiana native, Meghan attended Tulane University in New Orleans and holds a B.S.E. in Engineering Physics and an M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering. During college, she served as treasurer (2017-18) and president (2018-20) of Tulane's Society of Women Engineers Collegiate Section; she currently serves at treasurer for the Northeastern Ohio Professional SWE Section (2022-24). At NASA, she is an Events Coordinator for the Women at Glenn Advisory Group and general member of the Rainbow Alliance Advisory Group, working to improve life at the agency for women and the LGBTQ+ community, respectively. She is passionate about public outreach and regularly participates in onsite tours, outreach events, and intern panels.

Panelist: Dr. Martha Lenio has been working in the photovoltaic and renewable energy space for over 15 years. Her expertise spans working in R&D on cutting-edge silicon solar cell technologies to on-the-ground support for communities in Nunavut working on Community Energy Planning in an effort to transition away from diesel. Dr. Lenio has founded a solar consulting company (Mars Green Consulting), worked as the Arctic renewable energy expert for WWF-Canada, sits on the board of Qulliq Energy Corporation, and is a founding member and current president of the Arctic Renewables Society. She lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Much of the work at High Latitude Energy Consulting involves working closely with Inuit and First Nation communities across Canada's North. As such, there is a strong focus on consultation, involvement, equity, and inclusion with diverse stakeholders and rightsholder within the Canadian energy space.

Moderator: Dr. Lyndsey McMillon-Brown is a researcher at NASA Glenn Research Center. Lyndsey received her B.S in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Miami University (OH, 2013) and earned her M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Yale University (2019). Her dissertation work focused on developing novel materials and patterns for advanced light trapping in solar cells. Dr. McMillon-Brown has been with NASA since 2011 where she has worked on a variety of space solar cell-related programs including perovskite cell development, and III-V durability studies. Outside of the lab, Lyndsey is dedicated to increasing opportunities for underrepresented individuals in STEM fields and facilitating cultural changes that generate more inclusive environments. She is founder of “Minority Carriers” and has published several articles on steps organizations can take to attract and retain people from minoritized groups.