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In 2021, the PVSC 48 Virtual Conference held two competitions for middle and high school students: a Solar Energy Video Pitch, and a Future Narratives competition. These competitions are a cornerstone event of PVSC, providing K-12 students the opportunity to create a solar energy project and showcase it during the conference. We appreciate all the students who submitted videos and narratives; thank you for inspiring the PVSC community with your contributions! We invite everyone to take the opportunity to read the entries and watch the videos.

Solar Future Narratives

Mark and the Solar Food Truck by Aiden M
The Future of Phoenix by Alexandra P
La Mujer Que Revoluciono El Mundo By Alondra C
Who Revolutionized the World by Alondra C
Helping the Community with Futuristic Solar Panels by Angela C
Solar Panels and How They Affect Our World Today by Camille H
The Rise to Power by Christopher G
An Agrivoltaics Garden of Their Own by Fernando R
Future Solar Narrative by Hector A
Future Solar Narrative Past & Future by Jazell R
PVSC -Future Solar Narrative by Jazmine C & Stephanie T
A Community Solar Amusement Park by Lorenzo A
Solar Drone by Manezha J
The House of the Sun by Alya A and Mohammed A
The Smart Mask by Noora A
Solar in La Pradera Park 2045 by Sarahi R
New Era of Solar Power by Set S
Happy Halloween by Wah M
Uprising of Solar: a STEAM Story by Yael M

Solar Energy Video Pitch

Eco-Friendly Carwashing by Yousef A, Rrayan A, & Khalifa A
Your Future Community (Hopefully) by Maxton A
Welcolme to our Million Solar Stars Recap by Aaloy B
Have you ever Wondered what the Future Looks Like? by Dima E
Low Water in Reservoir by Adrian H & Alex H
The Emergency Detector by Maitha HA & Noura NA
Smart Tent by Maria AS
Corrison Prevention by Jessiree N, Jodie X, & Ashley Y
Discotic Liquid Crystals in Photovoltaics by Jasmine C
Imagine Energy in the Future by Rawda A

This year, the most important photovoltaic conference tookk place virtually from June 20-25, 2021. Students of all ages (grades 4 - 12) were invited to participate in two competitions to showcase their solar projects and ideas:

  1. Solar Energy 90-second Video Pitch Competition
  2. Solar Future Narratives, a storytelling competition

In each competition, students were encouraged to think about how a solar energy (photovoltaic) power system can incorporate with their environment and enhance their community. Students were asked to present a new technology or concept, a new way to utilize solar power, or a broader use of solar energy conversion through a video pitch or a creative story.

Solar Energy 90-second Video Lightning Pitch Competition

Students are invited to present their solar energy projects in a fast and engaging 90-second video. Share your idea of how solar energy can make our future more sustainable, how solar can improve your community, or demonstrate photovoltaic engineering project that you developed. Record your pitch and submit by June 11th to be judged by world famous photovoltaic engineers and scientists.

Solar Future Narratives, a Storytelling Competition

Students are invited to participate by sharing their vision of how solar energy technology developments will impact their life in the future. Imagine a future where most of the energy we use is produced by the power of the Sun. Create your own story rooted in the lives and the communities you care about. Consider the ways that human societies and energy systems are connected. How would a solar energy future affect your school, your neighborhood, your family and friends? How solar power reduce global climate change? We encourage entries that incorporate links to original musical compositions, visual art, and/or design drawings.



Thank you for our sponsors for supporting this event which is part of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion effort at PVSC