PVSC 48 Virtual Conference Award Winners:

Area 1:
Single-Source Solvent-Free Growth of Halide Perovskite Thin Films: The Case of MAPbI3
by Tatiana Soto-Montero

Area 2:
Solution-Processed p-Type Copper Gallium Oxide as a Hole Transport Layer for CdTe Solar Cells
by Aesha P.Patel

Area 3:
Strategies to Reduce Threading Dislocation Density of Relaxed n-type GaP on Si
by Ryan D Hool

Area 4:
Firing Stability of Polysilicon Passivating Contacts: the Role of Hydrogen
by Di Kang

Area 5:
A Deep Learning Approach for Loss-Analysis from Luminescence Images
by Yoann Buratti

Area 6:
In-Operando Characterization of P-I-N Perovskite Solar Cell Under Reverse Bias
by Isaac E Gould

Area 7:
Radiation Tolerance of GaAs1-xSbx Solar Cells: A Candidate III-V System for Space Applications
by Hadi Afshari

Area 8:
The Relevance of the Cell's Breakdown Voltage in the DC Yield of Partially Shaded PV Modules
by Andres Calcabrini

Area 9:
Comparative Analysis of Methods to Extract Soiling Losses from Measured IV Curve Parameters
by Álvaro F. Solas

Area 10:
Learning Optimal Power Flow Solutions using Linearized Models in Power Distribution Systems
by Rabayet Sadnan

Area 11:
Spectral Albedo in Bifacial Photovoltaic Modeling: What can be Learned from Onsite Measurements?
by Nicholas Riedel-Lyngskær

Area 12:
Historical Patterns for Rooftop Solar Adoption Growth Rates in Connecticut
by Emily G. Holt

About the Award

This Best Student Presentation Award recognizes outstanding work by students in each technical area. In addition to judging the technical content of the student’s work, oral presentations and the student’s role in the work are assessed. One “Best Student Presentation Award” is given out for each technical area of the PVSC.

Award Package

All finalists for the Best Student Presentation Award are given oral presentations at the conference, and their abstract is specially noted in the program guide as being a student award finalist. The award for each technical area’s awardee consists of a $200 monetary award, plaque, and recognition at the PVSC closing ceremony.

Rules & Eligibility

  • Student must be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student as of the submission deadline.
  • Student must be the presenting author, but does not need to be listed as first author.
  • Student must submit the Student Award Application, which includes a Research Statement.
  • Award Finalists, selected prior to the conference, are required to present their work as an oral presentation at the conference.
    • NOTE: any student award finalist who is unable to attend the PVSC for any reason will forfeit his / her position in the competition, and an alternate will be selected from the remaining student award applicants.
  • Selection Criteria
    • Finalist Determination:
      1. Excellence in submitted abstract including novelty, advancement to status of field, broader impact of research
      2. Demonstrated knowledge of topic area and significant contribution to current work as described in Research Statement
    • Winner Determination:
      1. Significance of Results: novelty of work, advancement of field, thoroughness of work, accuracy of analysis.
      2. Clarity of Presentation Material: Usefulness of written and graphical information, efficient use of graphics / figures to convey complex information, logical flow of results, aesthetics of presentation slides.
      3. Mastery of topic: Knowledge of topic demonstrated in oral delivery and in answering questions.
      4. Oral Presentation: Organized summary of work is provided including the necessary background, description of approach, description of results, and conclusions; knowledgeable of presented research and its relation to the state of field; succinctness, efficient use of time.

Questions? Contact the Awards Chair [email protected]