WiPV Luncheon

Thursday 24th, 12:30-2:00 Eastern

The Pandemic as a Portal for Energy Transition:
An interactive talk about Equity and PV, from the lens of Arundathi Roy’s analogy

Led by Kristen Graf

The pandemic has taken a toll - on individuals, families, and communities in significant and varied ways. We are only just beginning to understand, and yet we know that women and women of color, in particular, have carried a significant portion of the burdens and losses over the last year. In an article last year, author Arundhati Roy made the analogy of the pandemic as a portal through which we have choice and agency in determining what we carry through to the other side. This conversation will focus on what that looks like for the energy transition. How do we let go of the things that haven’t been working? How do we secure the threads of work that flipped recently and we want to sustain? What will leadership look like, and who will we turn to for fulfilling those roles? We don’t need to languish in all that has been wrong, but we need to be clear and aware of the massive opportunity at this moment in time to change the path and build a better PV community and a better world.

Kristen Graf is the Executive Director of Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE), a national nonprofit focused on catalyzing a sustainable and just energy future through the intentional actions of all women, the bold commitments of organizations, and the collective power of community. Before making her way to WRISE, Kristen was a part of the Clean Energy team at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and she received her BS in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Cornell University.

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Thank you for our sponsors for supporting this event which is part of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion effort at PVSC