Congratulations on being chosen to present a poster at the IEEE PVSC! This year, all posters will also include a 5 minute oral video presentation in addition to the traditional poster presentation. Poster sessions are critical to the success of the conference, contributing to both the breadth and the depth of coverage in photovoltaic technology. Poster presentations make it possible for a large number of important developments in the field of photovoltaics to be shared.

Presentation Portal

Please note that each presenter will receive a link to their "Presentation Portal" and may use this portal to complete the following required tasks:
  • Register for the Conference.
  • Sign the IEEE Electronic Copyright Transfer form.
  • Upload a copy of your proceedings manuscript in PDF format.
  • Upload a copy of your poster in PDF or JPG image format.
  • (Optional) Upload a copy of your 5-minute video presentation.

Poster Instructions

Posters should be exported from PowerPoint or any other graphics program as a high resolution JPG image or PDF document. We recommend using a 4:3 (wide:high) aspect ratio. Authors will upload their poster to the virtual conference platform using the Presentation Portal.

Your optional 5 minute oral presentation should be recorded using any video recording software and should be uploaded in either .mov or .mp4 format. Instructions for recording your presentation can be found here:

Live Poster Session Information (

Posters will be available in on-demand format for the entire meeting. In addition, two live poster sessions are scheduled on Wednesday, June 23rd from 9:00 - 11:00 AM and 6:15 - 8:15 PM (eastern time). All poster authors are invited to participate in either or both poster sessions.

How will live poster sessions work?

  • Poster Authors/Presenters will use the link from the Virtual Meeting Platform to enter the PVSC space.
  • After joining, you will enter the poster room assigned to your area and proceed to your poster board (all boards will be numbered).
  • We highly recommend that you familarize yourself with before the poster sessions begin. You will have access to Gathertown the entire week of the conference.
  • Each poster includes a "private space" which is very similar to your own private Zoom room.
  • You will be able to have live video/audio discussions with anyone that enters your poster space. You may also share your screen to display a copy of your poster.
  • Conference Attendees will join during the scheduled poster sessions and will be able to browse the posters and interact with poster presenters in a manner similar to a "normal" poster session at an in-person meeting.