Congratulations on your oral presentation during this year's PVSC! Please reference this page over the coming weeks for the most up-to-date information regarding your PVSC presentation.

  • You should have already received a link to your Presentation Portal account. More information is at the bottom of this page and links to your portal are also posted in your abstract submission account. Be sure to upload a copy of your presentation recording by the June 15th deadline.
  • Over the coming weeks, you will receive a custom Zoom link that you will use to join your session on the day of your presentation. Note that these links are custom for each presentation and cannot be shared. This link will be automatically resent to you 24 hours and 1 hour before the scheduled time of your presentation session.
  • On the day of your session, you should use your custom Zoom link to log into the session 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the session so that you may participate in the pre-session green room.
  • During the green room time, you will be introduced to your session moderator and fellow presenters, receive last minute instructions, and the tech staff will ensure that you are ready to participate in the session.
  • All sessions will follow the same general format:
    1. The moderator will begin the session with a general welcome and then they will introduce all speakers at one time.
    2. Next, the tech staff will broadcast each presentation recording back to back. Attendees will be able to submit questions to the moderator during the presentations.
    3. Once the last presentation has ended, the moderator and all presenters will turn on their cameras and participate in a live Q&A session.
    4. Once the Q&A session has concluded, all presenters may disconnect from the system.

Presentation Portal

Please note that each presenter will receive a link to their "Presentation Portal" and may use this portal to complete the following required tasks:
  • Register for the conference.
  • Sign the IEEE Electronic Copyright Transfer form.
  • Upload a copy of your proceedings manuscript in PDF format.
  • Upload a copy of your pre-recorded video presentation (which will be broadcasted live during your assigned session).
You must complete one task in order to move onto the next. All tasks above must be completed no later than June 15, 2021. The link to your Presentation Portal is also posted in your abstract submission account.