Thursday, June 15 2023 at 12:00 pm

At last year’s Women in PV Luncheon, we focused on connecting with one another in the wake of the pandemic. This year, with our theme of gender equity in renewable energy, we are focused on moving forward together. Join us over lunch to connect with the other scientists and experts at your table while hearing from a local Puerto Rican expert in equity and renewable energy. This year’s speaker will be Loraima Jaramillo Nieves, a professional focused on socio-technical energy issues and Customer Programs Manager at LUMA Energy. Loraima has collaborated with communities in capacity development initiatives to create energy resilience projects and promote workforce diversity in the energy industry. She currently works at LUMA Energy’s Grid Modernization, whose goal is to transform and operate Puerto Rico’s electric transmission and distribution (T&D) system.

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Raising the 1%

Globally, the photovoltaic industry has the highest presence of women, 32%, compared to other renewable and non-renewable technologies (IRENA 2022). In Puerto Rico's key solar industry, professional organizations are now led by women selected by their peers, mainly men. Women's inclusion initiatives in the industry created by entities such as the Bosque Modelo provide hope for a diverse industry. Women's contribution to leading and advancing the photovoltaic industry is evident, but there is still a long way to achieve gender equity. According to Puerto Rico's Energy Public Policy Program (PEPP) registry of certified solar system installers, women represent only 1% of the accredited installers. The problem of gender equity is not only representativeness. It is also the opportunity to access decision-making positions and to influence the industry's future. Government, educational institutions, and industry are critical in creating the right conditions to address barriers to entry, advancement, and retention of women in the photovoltaic industry. Intentional actions and policies of gender equity awareness, equal pay, and advancement opportunities are critical for a diverse, equitable, thriving photovoltaic industry.

Loraima Jaramillo Nieves
Customer Programs Manager, LUMA Energy