Thursday, June 9 2022 at 12:00 pm

This year, we are embracing the best of the in-person events by focusing our Women in PV Luncheon in connecting with one another. While last year we pondered on what the priorities in our life and careers were -- all that we carry through the 'portal' of the pandemic,-- this year has found us not really on a clear-other side, but with the same (or more) goals to be successful and happy. Join us on this event to celebrate us being here, to thrive by connecting to other amazing, powerful scientists on attendance on your table why you enjoy a lunch, and to experience a motivational discussion from our panelists' exchange of experiences, who have been *there* just like us.

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Meet our Panelists
You might have learned of the work of these awesome women as keynote speakers and other participations at this year's conference. Come to the luncheon to hear more of their experiences and what makes them successful educators, scientists, women and women advocate-empowerers.

Dr. Teresa Barnes

Dr. Annick Anctil

Dr. Eszter Voroshazi