2022 IEEE PVSC SUN RUN (42-Years Old)!

This is the 42nd-year of the IEEE PVSC Sun Run. This is the 34th PVSC Sun Run (remember that in ancient history, this PV conference was held on an 18-month schedule). This IEEE PVSC will be an on-site only conference. The Sun Run can again take place in the tradition of that 1st run in 1980!

For our Philadelphia PVSC participants, we will be able to operate in the traditional fashion on Wednesday, June 8, starting at 6:30 am. The site of the run is planned to start near the famous (“Rocky” steps) Philadelphia Museum of Art—proceed along the running path on the side of the Schuylkill River. This is the same site we ran in the last PVSC visit to Philadelphia. Because this is about 1.7 miles from the Marriott Hotel, we will have to use buses (which will tentatively leave at 6 am).

The Sun Run registration is available as part of the conference registration, but we will have the opportunity to register on-site. There will a small (15USD) fee this year to cover expenses. There will be some commemorative running materials for runners.

The PVSC Sun Run Awards gathering is planned for noon on the same Wednesday, in the registration area.

This year, there will be a transition in Race Directors, with Martha Lenio taking the responsibilities for future Sun Runs. With this plan to have the Director for the past 33 runs (over 42 years) in his final entry—maybe the last remaining runner from that first event in 1980!

We invite you all to take part in our 42nd-year, 34th PVSC SUN RUN. And get training started for San Juan 2023!