Events at PVSC

Sun Run

This is the 40th-year birthday of the IEEE PVSC Sun Run—and we cannot let this virus to prohibit our runners to celebrate this important historical event. With the cooperation of our PVSC runners, we will retain this Sun Run in conjunction with the virtual 47th IEEE PVSC during the initial period June 15 to June 19.

How? We ask you to run and record your time for a 5km course in your location during this June 15-19 period. Then, send your time (minutes:seconds), your age, your sex, and your contact information (name, address, email) to the Race Director ([email protected]). The subject of the email should be: MY PVSC SUN RUN RESULT. We will then record and publish the results on the PVSC website for this and future generations to admire. And yes, the PVSC longtime enthusiast and race founder will participate—as perhaps the only (but he hopes not) one who ran in San Diego in 1980!

We would like you to send a PHOTO of you before, during, or after your run. We would post this as well to highlight and document your contribution to this birthday event!

If you beat him (and this is almost assured), you will receive a pair of authentic IEEE PVSC Sun Run socks—specially designed for our Calgary event. I should add—for the first time, there is no registration fee to participate!

We invite you all to take part in our 40th-year unique VIRTUAL PVSC SUN RUN BIRTHDAY PARTY. And get training started for Fort Lauderdale 2021!