Technical Program

Technical Area Overview

Area 1: Fundamentals and New Concepts for Future Technologies
Chair: Jeremy Munday (Univ. of Maryland)

Area 2: Chalcogenide Thin Film Solar Cells
Chair: Mike Scarpulla (University of Utah)

Area 3: Multijunction and Concentrator Technologies
Chair: Adele Tamboli (NREL / CSM)

Area 4: Silicon Photovoltaic Materials and Devices
Chair: Gianluca Coletti (ECN part of TNO)

Area 5: Characterization Methods
Chair: Laurent Lombez (CNRS)

Area 6: Perovskite and Organic Solar Cells
Chair: Philip Schulz (CNRS / IPVF)

Area 7: Space and Specialty Technologies
Chair: Claus G. Zimmermann (Airbus)

Area 8: PV Modules Manufacturing and Applications
Chair: Max B. Köntopp (Hanwha Q-Cells)

Area 9: PV Modules and System Reliability
Chair: Wilfried van Sark (Utrecht University

Area 10: Power Electronics and Grid Integration
Chair: Brian Johnson (University of Washington)

Area 11: Solar Resource and Forecasting
Chair: Jan Kleissl (University of California San Diego)

Area 12: PV Deployment, Policy and Sustainability
Chair: Izumi Kaizuka (RTS Corporation)