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Q: When is my final manuscript due?
A: Your final manuscript must be uploaded by June 1, 2015. If the manuscript is not submitted by the June 11, 2015 deadline, presentation and publication will not be permitted. In addition, no manuscript will be published without presentation at the conference. PVSC FOLLOWS A STRICT NO PAPER-NO PODIUM AND NO PODIUM-NO PAPER RULE. Should you have any difficulty with the electronic submission process, please contact SPLTrak at [email protected].

Q: Where do I submit my final manuscript?
A: On the conference website ( please log-on to the PVSC Online Conference System (home page, upper right) or click this link. Please use the account you created when you submitted your evaluation abstract. Instructions will be provided on how to submit your manuscript. You may upload either a MS Word file or PDF file. However, your MS Word file will be converted to a PDF. Please view this PDF to ensure the conversion process did not disrupt your formatting and all figures and tables are still intact.

Q: Where do I submit my electronic copyright? 
A: Copyright assignment can only be carried out electronically. During the submission of your final manuscript, you will be taken automatically to the IEEE electronic copyright form web site. Your final manuscript submission will not be complete and your paper cannot be published without the electronic copyright submission.

Q: Where and when is my oral or poster presentation?
A: The times for your oral or poster presentation should have been listed in your acceptance letter. Note that this schedule is subject to change. Please refer to the conference website ( for all conference information and updates, as well as the PVSC Online Conference System.

Q: I have a question regarding preparation, submission and publication of my manuscript?
A: Please send an email to the Publication Chair (Pete Sheldon and Jessica Adams) at [email protected]

Q: I have a technical issue or problem with electronics submission of my manuscript?
A: Please send an email to SPLtrak at [email protected]


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