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On behalf of the organizing and program committees of the 44th IEEE PVSC, I am delighted to announce the recipient of this year’s award - Ms. Weiwei Deng (State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology at Trina Solar). She is recognized for her work as the main contributor responsible for the development of very-high-efficiency mono- and multi-crystalline silicon PERC solar cells, which have recently reached several new world records for industrial low-cost silicon solar cells.

Ms. Weiwei Deng received her Bachelor Degree in Materials Science Engineering in 2005 from Wuhan University of Technology and her Master Degree in 2007 from the same university. She completed her Master thesis on Study of Dielectric Materials at the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Material Synthesis and Processing, Wuhan University of Technology. After her graduation in 2007, she started working at Trina Solar as a researcher in the Advanced Solar Cell group, focusing on high-efficiency p-type silicon solar cells. During the past seven years at the State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology, she and her team worked exclusively on PERC solar cell research, optimizing the cell design and process for large-volume industrial manufacturing. Five efficiency world records on mono and multi P-type solar cell were achieved by her team. The most recent records are a total-area efficiency of 22.61% for mono PERC solar cells and 21.25% for multi PERC solar cells, all made on standard substrates of 156x156mm with low-cost industrial processes. Several records of module efficiency were also made possible, thanks to the cells that she developed.

Ms. Weiwei Deng is currently senior manager of the PERC solar cell research team at the State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology at Trina Solar. She is author or co-author of 13 scientific papers and 11 patents related to photovoltaics. Over the last few years, she and her team have managed to continuously improve the efficiency of mono- and multi-crystalline silicon PERC solar cells, pushing the limits of technology and surpassing their previous records. She is dedicated to demonstrate all the possibilities of PERC technology on an industrial scale, and to approach as close as possible to the 25% efficiency level that was achieved by researchers in the laboratories of The University of New South Wales more than 17 years ago.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Weiwei Deng and be sure to attend her invited oral presentation during PVSC on on Wednesday, June 28th at 4:30 PM in Marriott Ballroom Salon 2.



Nomination Deadline: January 31, 2017

About the Award

The PVSC Young Professional Award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the science and technology of photovoltaic energy conversion, including work on PV materials, devices, modules, and/or systems. The award recipient must also show significant promise as a leader in the field. An award is given annually at the PVSC (not World Conferences).

Award Package

The award consists of a $1000 monetary award, complimentary conference registration, plaque, and recognition at the PVSC Opening Ceremony. In addition, the awardee will give an honorary 30-minute talk during a regular session of the conference, in conjunction with his/her respective technical area.

Rules & Eligibility

  • Nominee must be a young scientist or engineer who has made significant contributions to photovoltaic energy conversion, including work on PV materials, devices, modules, and/or systems.
  • Nominee must have received their first post-secondary degree (Bachelor’s level) within the past 15 years, relative to the nomination deadline.
  • Nominees are not required to be members of IEEE or EDS.
  • Nominees from any country and institution are eligible.
  • Nominees are expected to have prior contributions to the PVSC.
  • Previous recipients of the Young Professional Award are not eligible.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Nominations will not automatically roll over to subsequent years, but nominators are allowed to resubmit nominations, provided the nominee is still eligible. Supplements to the original nomination are allowed, and should reflect the nominee’s latest work.
  • Members of the awards subcommittee in charge of selection are eligible to be nominated, but would recuse themselves of subcommittee duties if they are nominated.
  • The award must be received by the winner in person at the PVSC; no award will be made in absentia, except under extraordinary circumstances, as determined by the conference chair.

Nomination Package Requirements

  • Completed and Signed Nomination Summary Form (2 pages)
  • Nominator Statement (2 page limit) supporting the nominee’s suitability for the award with respect to:
    • innovative and creative nature of the nominee’s work
    • significance of the nominee’s work with respect to the broader PV community
    • previous contributions to the PVSC
    • potential shown as a future leader in the PV community
  • Nominee Curriculum vitae (2 page limit)
  • List of nominee’s key publications and patents (1 page limit)
  • Up to 3 letters of endorsement from individuals familiar with the nominee’s qualifications and area of research. Each letter may be up to 1 page long and should make reference to specific qualifications that make the nominee best-suited for the award. Each letter should be on letterhead and include the signature of the endorser.
  • Entire nomination package should be assembled as a single PDF document (10 pages, maximum) in the following order:
    • Nomination Summary Form (2 pages)
    • Nominator Statement (2 page limit)
    • Curriculum Vitae (2 page limit)
    • List of nominee’s key publications, patents, and/or other technical literature (1 page limit)
    • Letters of support (up to 3, each letter 1 page limit)


Please submit the nomination packet by January 31, 2017 via email to [email protected].


Questions? Contact the Awards Chair [email protected]

Previous Recipients

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Henry Snaith, 2015

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