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Best Poster Award

About the Award

This Best Poster Award recognizes outstanding work by poster presenters at the PVSC. One poster from each technical area at each poster session will be declared the winner by a panel of judges.

Award Package

Awardees are given a certificate of their achievement and their posters are relocated to a centralized location in the conference center to acknowledge the outstanding work.

Rules & Eligibility

  • As a poster presenter, you are automatically eligible to win the Best Poster Award.
  • Posters will be reviewed in three stages:
    1. Prior to the conference: Poster session chairs will familiarize themselves with the poster content and review technical content.
    2. After the posters are hung: Poster session chairs will select the top three to four posters as finalists for best poster; a star will be placed on these posters to indicate their selection.
    3. During the poster session: The session chairs will listen to the poster presenter’s summary.
  • Selection Criteria
    1. Clarify of Presentation
      • Organized to guide observer through information in a logical order; provides the motivation/objectives and approach of the research, summarizes the key results and highlights the impact of the work. oProper use of graphics, figures, text and white space to allow for easy viewing.
      • Proper text scaling for comfortable viewing.
      • Efficient use of graphics to convey complex information.
    2. Technical Merit
      • Research is novel (e.g., discusses novel material development, novel device design, novel conversion mechanism, novel theoretical approach, novel characterization method, etc.).
      • Research addresses a critical gap in PV technology.
      • Systematic analysis conducted to arrive at results.
      • Conclusions are fully supported by data.
    3. Impact
      • Results represent a significant advancement over the current status of the field or provide a critical breakthrough that will allow such advancement.
    4. Oral Presentation
      • An organized and concise summary of the work is presented, emphasizing the motivation/objectives, approach, key results, and impact of findings.
      • Presenter is knowledgeable in all aspects of poster and able to address specific questions about the presented research.
      • Presenter understands the broader impact of the work and can suggest potential methods for extending the research.

Application Requirements

  • No additional application is required for this award. All poster presentations will be reviewed.

Questions? Contact the Awards Chair [email protected]

PVSC Awards

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