Photovoltaic Specialists Conference
Poster Presenters
Congratulations on being chosen to present a poster at the 37th PVSC! Poster sessions are critical to the success of the conference, contributing to both the breadth and the depth of coverage in photovoltaic technology. Poster papers make it possible for a large number of important developments in the field of photovoltaics to be presented. In addition, the poster sessions allow authors the opportunity to personally interact and network with interested parties, and discuss research results at a level of detail that cannot be approached in formal questions following an oral presentation.

As a Poster Presenter, the following lists your responsibilities:
  • Manuscripts are required for all poster presentations in Areas 1-9. Manuscripts are accepted for poster presentations in Area 10, but are not required.  Be sure to upload your manuscript (Download Manuscript Instruction / Stylesheet), following the guidelines on the PVSC website (, by June 6, 2011.  We value ALL your contributions and expect each to be represented in the Proceedings.
  • Electronically sign the Copyright form and BRING A COPY WITH YOU
  • Prepare your poster following the guidelines below.  
  • Poster Size - The area available for the poster is limited to a rectangle 40 inches tall by 42 inches wide (101 cm by 106 cm). THE POSTER CHAIR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO TRIM ANY POSTERS LARGER THAN THE ALLOCATED SIZE TO THE ALLOCATED SIZE!!! Tables in front of poster boards are PROHIBITED.
  • Poster Format - Poster materials must be legible from a distance of two meters. Lettering in text and figures should be at least 5 mm, and the headings should be at least 10 mm. The title of the paper, the authors, and their affiliations should appear near the top of the poster in letters approximately 25 mm high.
  • Poster Mounting - The surface of the mounting board is pushpin friendly. Posters must be mounted to the boards with pushpins. Push pins will NOT be available at the conference; you must bring your own. We also recommend that you attach an envelope near the bottom of the poster for people to leave business cards for reprints, etc. Please do not leave reprints of the paper on the floor.
  • The poster boards will be available after 5:30 PM on Monday June 20 for mounting your poster. You must mount your posters before 10:30 AM on Tuesday June 21. Posters will need to be down by 2:00 PM Thursday June 23. Any posters not removed on time will be removed and discarded.
  • Present your poster in person at the designed time.  The posters will all be displayed in the 4th floor exhibit hall.  All posters will be displayed from Monday through Thursday. Poster boards will be arranged with letters designating each aisle and numbered poster position on each aisle. Specific locations for your poster will be available on this website in June.
  • Please be sure to attend the Author’s Breakfast on the morning of (each of) your presentation(s) for instructions, to meet your session chair, and to be sure all your materials have uploaded correctly. Author’s Breakfast will be in Room 615-620 at 7:00 a.m.

REMEMBER: No Paper, No Podium

If your manuscript has not been uploaded, you will not be allowed to present your poster.  If you (or a co-author) do not present your poster in person, the manuscript will not be included in the proceedings.

Be sure to check the online program to confirm your poster session time and length.


Poster Awards

As a poster presenter, you are automatically eligible to win the Best Poster Award.   The posters will be reviewed in three stages:

· Prior to the conference: poster session chairs will review the submitted abstracts for technical content and to better familiarize themselves with the poster content. 

· After the posters are hung: poster session chairs will select their top 3-4 posters as finalist for best poster; a star will be placed on the poster to indicate that they have been selected.

· During the poster session: the session chairs will interact with the finalists and listen to the poster presenter’s summary of their work.

The poster session chairs will judge the posters based on Clarity of Presentation, Technical Merit, Impact, and Oral Presentation, which are described in more detail below.  There will be one winner selected at every poster session and the winner will receive a certificate. 

Poster Reviewing Criteria

Clarity of Presentation

  • Organized to guide observer through information in logical order; provide the motivation/objectives of the research, the approach, summarize the key results, and highlight the impact of the work. 
  • Proper use of graphics, figures, text, and white space to allow for easy viewing.
  • Proper text scaling for easy viewing.
  • Efficient use of graphics to convey complex information.

Technical Merit

  • Research is novel (e.g., does the poster discuss a: novel material development, novel device design, novel conversion mechanism, novel theoretical approach, novel characterization method, etc.).
  • Research is addressing a critical gap in PV technology.
  • Systematic analysis conducted to arrive at results.
  • Conclusions are fully supported by data reported.


  • Results represent a significant advancement over the current status of the field or is a critical break through which will allow such advancement. 

Oral Presentation

  • An organized and concise summary of the work is presented, emphasizing the motivation/objectives, approach, key results, and impact of findings.
  • Knowledgeable of all aspects of poster and able to address specific questions about the presented research
  • Understands the broader impact of the work and is able to suggest potential methods for extending the research