Photovoltaic Specialists Conference
Call for Papers

Call For Papers

37th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference

On behalf of the Technical Program Committee, I invite you to submit an abstract on your latest results and achievements in photovoltaics research, development, and applications to the 37th IEEE PVSC.  Photovoltaics have become increasingly central in defining our planet’s solutions with respect to energy management, renewable and clean energy resources, and energy security.  As a result, new opportunities for both established and emergent PV technologies are constantly appearing, which span from research and development to commercialization and full-scale deployment.  The resulting exponential rise in photovoltaic production and demand that has been occurring for more than a decade is a global phenomenon.  As a result, science and technology developments in PV over the next several years, and their influence on the economics of PV installations, are likely to establish which energy technologies become dominant for decades to come.  The chance to share and discuss these crucial PV developments in a timely and influential forum is what the PVSC is all about.  Please join us in continuing the PVSC's tradition as the premier international conference on the science and technology of photovoltaics. 

Abstracts summarizing original research on all aspects of photovoltaics are encouraged.  The technical sessions are organized into 10 major areas as outlined below.  We have adopted a system of international chairs and co-chairs for each technical area, to further foster international participation and collaboration at the PVSC.

We are continuing to promote two new technical areas that were initiated at the 35th PVSC.  In recognition of the rapidly growing interest in organic photovoltaics and dye-sensitized solar cells, we are encouraging a special focus on Organic Photovoltaics, which is Area 6 in the 37th PVSC.  The other new special focus is Area 8:  Advances in Characterization of Photovoltaics.  Here, the desired focus will be on methods of measurement and analysis themselves, rather than on a particular photovoltaic material system.  By breaking these topics out separately in Area 8, it is hoped that researchers will have more exposure to characterization tools typically used for PV materials outside their area of specialization.  This cross-fertilization will hopefully give researchers some 'new eyes' with which to look at their PV materials. 

To have your paper considered for presentation at the 37th PVSC, please submit a 3-page evaluation abstract, and a short abstract no more than 300 words in length for display on the PVSC website, by the deadline below. Other than the 3-page limit, there are no format restrictions on the evaluation abstract, except that it be detailed enough to allow a competent technical review. The preferred way to submit your abstract is via the 37th PVSC website at Log in with your user name and password and carefully follow the instructions provided to upload your abstract successfully.

The deadline for electronic submission of the 3-page evaluation document and the short abstract of 300 words or less is February 21, 2011, 12:00 midnight Pacific Standard Time (UTC - 8 hours). Contributing authors will be notified of the acceptance status of their papers after April 4, 2011. Upon acceptance, we ask all authors to confirm that they will be able to present their work at the conference, and upload their manuscript by the due date of June 6, 2011 (before the conference) for publication in the conference proceedings. A small number of select papers from the IEEE PVSC are planned to be included in a special issue of the newly created IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics. Papers in the PVSC proceedings are searchable and accessible via the internet through the IEEE Xplore® system. To ensure IEEE Xplore®-compliant proceedings, you must submit your manuscripts electronically through the website.

Please join us in making the 37th PVSC the place to be to present and learn about the latest advances in the science, engineering, and applications of photovoltaics!  

Steven A. Ringel
Program Chair, 37th PVSC