Photovoltaic Specialists Conference
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As General Chair Person, I am committed to maximizing student participation in the conference.  I have found that I often learn the most from the students attending the conference, and I certainly have the most fun when hanging with the students.  So, I am generating as many incentives as I can to get as many students to attend as possible.  The present list of incentives is below, and please check back periodically as I add new ideas.  Also, please consider applying for our Graduate Student Assistant program as described below.

Graduate Student Assistant Program:
Applications are now being accepted for Graduate Student Assistants.  We will give a $1000 stipend and waived registration fee for student assistants to the conference operations team.  All students planning to attend are eligible to apply, although preference will be given to those students who are presenting a paper or are co-authors of a paper. To apply follow this link...

Student Incentives:
  • Reduced registration fee: $100; this is as cheap as I can make it
  • Waived registration fee for all students selected for oral presentations: submit your best work, be selected for an oral presentation, and I’ll waive the registration fee all together
  • Best student presentation award in each technical area: a cash award as further incentive to submit your best work
  • Referred publication outlet: we are working to establish a journal that will accept PVSC papers, so there will be the possibility of converting your conference proceedings into a refereed publication
  • Reduced conference hotel rate: This is a big one – I want you to stay at the conference hotel because networking is one of the key aspects of the conference.  Also, this is a totally awesome beach-front hotel in Waikiki!  I negotiated a student rate of $159/night double occupancy ($79.50 a night each).  Also, we have a triple-room rate at $227/night (75.67 each) and a quad-room rate at $257/night ($64.25 each).  So before you start searching Expedia and such for cheap hotels on Waikiki, consider the wise budget spending of the conference hotel
    • To obtain a student rate room, please do the following.  Use our website to reserve a room at he Hilton at the standard conference rate.  Do this as soon as possible as the rooms are starting to go fast.  Then, send an Email to our Graduate Student Coordinator ([email protected]) requesting a student rate containing your hotel booking confirmation number, the date you made the booking, and your arrival and departure dates.  We will verify your student status and then have the hotel adjust your rate accordingly.  You will receive a confirmation Email when complete.
  • Reduced fee for tutorials ($50 ticket compared with $250 regular fee)
  • Student ticket price for Gala Dinner: Again, networking is key for conference attendance, and the conference banquet is part of that.  So, I am offering students $30 banquet tickets (a 50% discount).  This is all you can eat and open bar at a totally cool location so join us.

 I will think of more so check back.  Also, let me know your ideas by emailing me at [email protected].