Photovoltaic Specialists Conference
Student and Poster Award Winners

We would like to again congratulate our award winners for being recognized as the top student/poster presenters out of the hundreds that presented at the conference.  We strive to make the PVSC the premier technical conference on photovoltaics and could not accomplish this without their excellent contribution.

See below for a listing of all Student and Poster Award Winners.


Student Awards

Area 1
Strain-Compensated Multiple Stepped Quantum Wells (SC-MSQWs) Cell for Enhanced Spectral Response and Carrier Transport 
Yu Wen

Area 2
Optimization of Composition Grading in CIGS for Flexible Solar Cells and Modules
Adrian Chirila

Area 3
Micro-Optic Solar Concentration and Next-Generation Prototypes
Jason H. Karp

Area 4
A Freeware Program for Precise Optical Analysis of the Front Surface of a Solar Cell
Simeon C. Baker-Finch

Area 5
Opportunities and Challenges of High-Rate Electron Beam Evaporation in the Preparation of Poly-Si Thin-Film Solar Cells
Tobias Sontheimer

Area 6
Efficient Polymer Solar Cells via an All-Spray-Coated Deposition
Claudio Girotto

Area 7
Development of radiation hard Ga0.5In0.5P/Ga0.99In0.01As/Ge Space Solar Cells with Multi Quantum Wells
Rene Kellenbenz

Area 8
Recombination Activity Enhancement By Stress in Silicon
Paul Gundel

Area 9
Monolithic Integrated Solar Energy Harvesting System
Edgardo J. Méndez-Delgado

Area 10
Life-Cycle Assessment of Organic Solar Cell Technologies
Annick Anctil

Poster Awards

Area 1 Winner
Multi-Stacked InGaAs/GaNAs Quantum Dot Solar Cell Fabricated on GaAs (311)B Substrate
Yasushi Shoji

Area 1 Runner-up
Optical Characterization and Modeling of the Lead Chalcogenide Quantum Dot Solar Cell: A Rational Approach to Device Development and Multiple Exciton Generation
Octavi E Semonin

Area 2 Winner
Solar Cells via Selenization of CuInS2 Nanocrystals:  Effect of Synthesis Precursor
Grayson M Ford

Area 2 Runner-up
Inexpensive, Abundant, Non-toxic Thin Films for Solar Cell Applications Grown by Reactive Sputtering
Vardaan Chawla

Area 3 Winner
Variation In Spectral Irradiance And The Consequences For Multi-junction Concentrator Photovoltaic Systems
Alvin Chan

Area 3 Runner-up
Cell-Level Thermal Management Issues in Concentrator III-V Multijunction Solar Cells
John F. Geisz

Area 4 Winner
Comparison Between Al2O3 Surface Passivation Films Deposited with Thermal ALD, Plasma ALD and PECVD
Gijs Dingemans

Area 4 Runner-up
A Freeware 1D Emitter Model for Silicon Solar Cells
Keith R. McIntosh

Area 5 Winner
ZnO Films with Very High Haze Ratio Prepared by MOCVD Technique
Ihsanul A Yunaz

Area 5 Runner-up
Efficient Light Trapping Structure in Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells
Xing Sheng

Area 6 Winner
Hafnium (IV) and Zirconium (IV) Porphyrinato and Phthalocyaninato Diacetate Complexes as New Dyes for Solar Cell Devices
Ivana Radivojevic

Area 6 Runner-up
Tailoring CuPc Nanostructures via Glancing Angle Deposition
Jaron G Van Dijken

Area 7 Winner
Change in the Electrical Performance of InGaAs Quantum Dot Solar Cells due to Irradiation
Takeshi Ohshima

Area 7 Runner-up
Analysis of Record Photovoltaic Efficiencies from 1954 to 2009
Elisabeth L. McClure

Area 8 Winner
Characterization of Defects in Photovoltaics using Thermoreflectance and Electroluminescence Imaging
Dustin Kendig

Area 8 Runner-up
Observations on the Spectral Characteristics of Defect Luminescence of Silicon Wafer Solar Cells
Matthew P. Peloso

Area 9 Winner
Solutions for deploying PV systems in NYC’s secondary network system
Michael H. Coddington

Area 9 Runner-up
A Method for Instantaneous Measurement of PV V-I Characteristics and its Application for MPPT Control
Daohong Wang

Area 10 Winner
Strategies to Target Rural PV Market in Developing Countries : A Perspective
Chetan Singh Solanki

Area 10 Runner-up
How Changes in Patent Law are Altering the Landscape of Innovation
Clara Davis