SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Curvilinear Prismatic Window Which Eliminates Glare and Reduces Front-Surface Reflections for PV Modules and Other Surfaces  
Mark O'Neill1& Chris Youtsey2
1Mark O'Neill, LLC, Fort Worth, TX, United States
/2MicroLink Devices, Niles, IL, United States

A novel transparent window for PV modules and other surfaces has recently been developed to both eliminate glare and minimize front-surface reflections.  The new window technology can be implemented with a thin, ultra-light curvilinear prismatic film which can be attached directly to PV cells or to another planar window layer such as glass over the PV cells.  The new curvilinear prismatic window technology can be applied to both space and ground PV modules using appropriate materials and coatings.  Analysis and testing have demonstrated the performance gains offered by the new technology as well as the elimination of glare.  The paper will describe the new technology and its anti-reflection, anti-glare, and thermal benefits in detail.  Key anaytical and experimental results will also be provided.