SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Assessing and Optimizing Free Space Luminescent Solar Concentrators for Urban Façade Installation
Shweta Pal& Rebecca Saive
University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands

Net-zero energy buildings (NZEBs) for urban settings require novel building-integrated photovoltaic systems, to enable optimal use of available land. Free-space luminescent solar concentrators (FSLSCs) can concentrate incoming irradiance into a smaller cone, such that, when optimally positioned around a bifacial module, can enhance photovoltaic output. In this work, we assess and optimize an FSLSC façade for enhancing the yield of a bifacial module-based fence. Using a reverse ray-tracing based algorithm, we calculated the short-circuit current density, the total power per unit area and the module current mismatch induced by the FSLSC façade. Our calculations show a relative power per unit area enhancement of ~36% and ~111% by an optimized FSLSC façade, as compared to a white-painted diffuse and an ideal black façade, respectively.