SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Performance loss rate estimation for systems affected by potential induced degradation
Panagiotis Goumenos, Andreas Livera, Michalis Florides, George E. Georghiou
University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus

The impact of potential induced degradation (PID) on the performance degradation is an area which has not been fully explored yet. The scope of this work is to investigate the impact of PID on the performance loss rate (PLR) estimation of fielded photovoltaic (PV) systems. To extract the PLR, three common statistical methods were used; linear regression (LR), locally estimated scatterplot smoothing (LOESS) and robust principal component analysis (RPCA). The results demonstrated PLR values higher than -1 %/year for PID affected systems, while values lower than -0.5 %/year were obtained for non-affected PID systems. Additionally, PID affected PV systems exhibited higher PLR in the early years of operation, with values higher than -3 %/year in contrast to the value obtained in the subsequent years.