SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Reproducibility and Photostability of High-Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells in Scalable Manufacturing
Rohit Prasanna
Swift Solar, San Carlos, CA, United States

Metal halide perovskite solar cells represent an exciting new generation of high efficiency solar cells including in single junction and tandem configurations. Having made a rapid progress in academic research, they now need to prove their ability to be manufactured using high-throughput and inexpensive methods while maintaining high efficiency. In addition, ensuring long term intrinsic stability of the active light-absorbing perovskite layer under stressors of light and elevated temperature is crucial to enabling long solar cell lifetimes in commercial products. This study designs a deposition system for high-throughput manufacturing of efficient perovskite solar cells. It identifies factors that lead to good reproducibility of perovskite layers deposited using scalable manufacturing techniques capable of high throughput. By identifying a key mechanism of photodegradation, we identify strategies to achieve intrinsic stability of the perovskite active layer under heat and light. On this latter point, we also identify specific research directions that will be important to identifying and further developing perovskite compositions that are likely to be most stable against the degradation mechanisms that we identify.