SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Post-annealing Treatment on Hydrothermally Grown Sb2(S,Se)3 Thin Films for Efficient Solar Cells
Suman Rijal, Zhaoning Song, Deng-Bing Li, Jaehoon Chung, Sandip S Bista, Dipendra Pokhrel, Sabin Neupane, Randy Ellingson, Yanfa Yan
The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH, United States

In this work, we fabricate antimony selenosulfide ( Sb2(S, Se)3) thin film solar cells by a hydrothermal method followed by a post-deposition annealing process at different temperatures. The effects of the annealing temperature on the morphological and structural properties of the Sb2(S, Se)3 films are systematically investigated by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction analyses. We find that a proper annealing temperature leads to a high-quality Sb2(S, Se)3 film with large crystal grains, proper stoichiometry, and high crystallinity. After optimizing the process, we obtained Sb2(S,Se)3 solar cells with an improved power conversion efficiency from 2.04 to 8.48%.