SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Triple-junction III-V solar cells with 39.5% AM1.5 and 34.2% AM0 efficiencies
Ryan France
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA, , ,

III-V multijunction solar cells have the highest efficiencies of any PV technology. These devices are currently the dominant space PV technology, and are being investigated for a wide range of other applications where efficiency is a key metric. In this presentation, we describe a 3-junction cell with the highest 1-sun efficiency to date: 39.5% under the global spectrum, which is higher than previous 6-junction devices. When tuned for the space spectrum, the cell achieves 34.2% beginning-of-life efficiency, without consideration for radiation hardness. These efficiency improvements are enabled by combining advances in device architectures and extended-defect control strategies. This latest 3-junction device includes a high-performance front-junction GaInP top cell, an optically-thick strain-balanced quantum well middle cell, and a lattice-mismatched GaInAs bottom cell with record performance despite dislocations. These advances not only allow high efficiency photovoltaics for both space and terrestrial PV applications, but also help enable new applications of III-V materials.