SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Towards a Perovskite Tandem PV Future
Michael Irwin
Cubic PV, , ,

Our latest approach to 4T perovskite/Direct Wafer silicon tandem PV modules will be presented. As energy demand continues to increase globally, solar photovoltaic (PV) technology needs to respond with ever-increasing module efficiency – and better energy yield. Archetypical single-junction silicon technology has an upper module efficiency limit of ~24%, though combined with a metal halide perovskite top cell and in bifacial module design, module efficiency can increase to over 30% and leverage up to 30% albedo light (i.e., reflected light available to the backside of the module). To form our 4T tandem, CubicPV looks to pair its very low-cost printed perovskite technology as top cell with our kerfless silicon Direct Wafer® technology as the basis for our bottom cell. This approach produces the lowest-cost tandem module with very low embedded energy and carbon, as compared to standard silicon PV derived from the Czochralski single crystal process. About the author: Michael D. Irwin, PhD is currently CTO of CubicPV Inc where he focuses on the development of metal halide perovskite materials and their application in solar photovoltaics. Dr. Irwin received a BA in Chemistry (2003) from Texas A&M and PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Northwestern University (2009). Dr. Irwin currently holds 34 granted US patents and over 70 granted international patents, and has 21 publications.