SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Wide Bandgap AlGaInP-based Photovoltaic Cell for Indoor Ambient Energy Harvesting
Aditya Prabaswara1, Jack Browne1, Yongjie Zou2, Richard King2, Stephen Goodnick2, Brian Corbett1
1Tyndall National Institute, Cork, Ireland
/2Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, United States

Wide bandgap III-V materials are suitable as an efficient absorber for indoor photovoltaic (IPV) cell as they can cover the 2.0 eV bandgap required for maximum efficiency. In this work, we present our progress on solving the challenge associated with the development of III-V IPV cell, namely (i) design of efficient IPV cell structure, (ii) nanosphere lithography-based surface roughening to enhance light trapping, and (iii) chemical passivation to suppress nonradiative sidewall recombination. Our result highlights the cell design and treatment required to realize efficient wide bandgap III-V indoor photovoltaic cell.