SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Fireable passivating tunnel oxide contacts for crystalline silicon solar cell
Franz-Josef Haug, Mario Lehmann, Sofia Libraro, Ezgi GenÁ, Audrey Morisset, Christophe Ballif
EPFL, PV-Lab, Neuchatel, Switzerland

We present fireable n- and p-type passivating contacts for silicon solar cells, using a tunnelling oxide and a doped SiCx layer. Rapid annealing is used to crystallize the layer and to activate its dopants. Subsequent hydrogenation reveals a fast passivation of interfacial defects and a slow passivation of bulk defects created by the rapid annealing in our floating zone silicon. We apply the contacts in proof-of-concept solar cells with ITO/Ag contacts, resulting in efficiencies above 20%. Towards an industrially more relevant process using a fireable metallization, we present preliminary results on contacting through the nitride layer with aluminium.