SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
NRG-X-Change and Cooperative Game Strategies as an Alternative to Net-Metering for Solar Generation
Hector Lopez& Ali Zilouchian
Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, United States

In this paper, the net metering payment approach  and a novel trading paradigm for buying and selling local produced solar  energy scheme known as NRG-X- Change are compared.  The NRG-X-change does not relay on energy  market or  matching order ahead of the time. The  scheme provides incentives to customer to balance their production.  The payment  are carried out  using NRGcoin, a digital currency similar to Bitcoin.   Therefore,  the  collaborating individuals  may maximize their profit  using various approaches  including  the  cooperative game theory  as  presented in this summary.  The simulation   of  both strategies   were   conducted using  actual data sets. The simulation  results  shows the effective of  forming  a coalition and utilization of  NRG-X change. Such strategy is an attractive alternative to net metering to incentivize the adaptation of  renewal technology.