SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Effects of Arsenic Doping on CdSeXTe1-X/CdTe Solar Cells
Sheikh Tawsif Elahi, Md Zahangir Alom, Wei Wang, Vasilios Palekis, Chris Ferekides
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The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of Arsenic (As) doping in CdTe/CST solar cells.  The absorber layer was deposited by Closed Space Sublimation (CSS) process under the presence of ambient He and O2. Both CdTe and CST were deposited with a substrate and source temperature of 5800C and 6800C respectively. Devices were investigated with various Se compositions, with only CST doped or both CdTe & CST doped with As. Devices with only CST doped exhibited improved open circuit Voltage (VOC) 810 mV and Fill Factor (FF) of 64.5% compared to completely undoped and both CdTe/CST doped.