SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
The Effect of CdSeXTe1-X Thickness on the CdSeXTe1-X/CdTe Solar Cell Performance
Md Zahangir Alom, Sheikh Tawsif Elahi, Vasilios Palekis, Wei Wang, Chris Ferekides
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, United States

The effect of the CdSeXTe1-X (CST) thickness on the performance of CdSeXTe1-X/CdTe solar cells at different Se (x) compositions and annealed at various CdCl2 temperatures has been studied. The cell configuration was superstrate as ITO/MZO/CdSexTe1-x/CdTe/Back Contact. Both CST and CdTe were deposited by the close-spaced sublimation (CSS) process. The CST thickness and Se composition were varied from 0.25-1 µm and 6-29% respectively. The open circuit voltage (VOC) was found to decrease with the increase of CST thickness and Se composition. VOC decreases, and JSC increases due to the decrease in the bandgap of CST. A CST thickness of 0.50 µm produced the optimum VOC and fill factor, thus giving the optimum efficiency. Also, 4300C CdCl2 annealing appears to result in a higher minority carrier lifetime, which is responsible for the improved cell performance observed for devices annealed at 4300C.