SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Development of an Ultra-Light Curvilinear Prismatic Window Which Mitigates Reflections and Glare for PV Modules and Other Surfaces
Mark O'Neill1, Christopher Youtsey2, Robert McCarthy2
1Mark O'Neill, LLC, Keller, TX, United States
/2MicroLink Devices, Niles, IL, United States

As presented at the last PVSC, a novel transparent window for PV modules and other surfaces has been developed to both eliminate glare and minimize front-surface reflections.  The new window technology can be implemented with a thin, ultra-light, manufacturable curvilinear prismatic film which can be applied to both space and ground PV modules to increase power output, using appropriate materials and coatings.  The new window can also be applied to non-PV-related surfaces to eliminate glare.  This paper describes key recent development of the new window under NASA funding.