SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Development of HVPE-Grown III-V Solar Cells Passivated with AlInP
Jacob T Boyer, Kevin L Schulte, Aaron J Ptak, John Simon
National Renewable Energy Lab, Golden, CO, United States

We present the first AlInP-passivated solar cells grown by dynamic hydride vapor phase epitaxy (D‑HVPE). D‑HVPE has potential to reduce the costs of III-V solar cell production, but historical challenges with the growth of high-quality Al-containing compounds placed a ceiling on photoconversion efficiencies of D‑HVPE‑grown solar cells. Our single junction (1J) GaAs and GaInP/GaAs (2J) tandems with AlInP passivation achieve AM1.5G efficiencies of 26.0% and 28.5%, respectively, which are the highest reported efficiencies for HVPE-grown devices of each type. 1J devices passivated with either AlInP or GaInP have an open circuit voltage of 1.06 V and similar long wavelength current collection, indicating that both windows provide a similar degree of passivation. Adding AlInP passivation to the 2J solar cell improves the VOC by ~50 mV relative to the device passivated by a GaInP emitter. AlInP windows enable short circuit current densities of >29 mA/cm2 and >14 mA/cm2 for the 1J cell and 2J GaInP top cell, respectively. These achievements remove one of the last barriers limiting parity of HVPE device efficiencies with state-of-the-art.