SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Analyzing Effects of Solar Variability and System Location on LMP Prices
Mesude Bayrakci Boz1& Joseph Ranalli1
1Penn State Hazleton, Hazleton, PA, United States
/2Penn State Hazleton, Hazleton, PA, United States

Optimal power flow has been solved to show possible effects of solar variability and location of solar systems on electricity price using the IEEE 30 Bus Test  system.  The effects of different solar variability conditions tested in this study were found to be minimal on local marginal prices (LMPs). However, further work is needed to investigate the effects of solar variability on LMPs considering frequency regulation. On the other hand, the location of solar systems can have a significant impact on LMPs. When they are installed at a high demand bus, the LMP can decrease down to 30% of the baseline price. When the solar systems are installed at a low demand bus, the LMPs can increase or decrease depending on the demand and congestion. This highlights the importance of the effects of solar system location on LMP.