SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Optimizing CdCl2 Treatment on CdTe Solar Cells Using Spray Deposition Method
Prabodika N. kaluarachchi, Shannon E. Costello, Ryan Madden, Jacob M. Gibbs, Tyler R Brau, Aesha P. Patel, Manoj K . Jamarkattel, Jared D. Friedl, Kevin G. Schaffer, Kristof J. Nieschwitz, Ebin Bastola, Adam B. Phillips, Randy J. Ellingson, Michael J. Heben
Wright Center for Photovoltaics Innovation and Commercialization (PVIC), Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH, United States

Control over the amount of CdCl2 used to process CdTe solar cells is important to achieving high-efficiency devices. Spray deposition allows for the deposition of a uniform film with precise control over the thickness of the film by modifying the spray parameters or the solution concentration. Here we report on the development of an ultrasonic spray system to deposit precisely controlled amounts of CdCl2 uniformly over arbitrarily sized CdTe samples up to 6”x6”. We show that the deposited films are uniform and will report on the optimum parameters for high-efficiency devices.