SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Oxygen and temperature effects on NiO buffer layers for CdTe solar cells
Nicholas Hunwick, Xiaolei Liu, Patrick J.M. Isherwood, John. M. Walls
loughborough university, Loughborough, United Kingdom

Nickel oxide has been previously shown to improve CdTe when used as a buffer layer. NiO was sputtered under varying oxygen and heating conditions. NiO films were characterised to identify changing characteristics. Increasing oxygen increases optical transmission and decreases reflectance. Post annealing at 300 ˚C has negligible effect on optical properties of NiO films. NiO with 5 % oxygen/argon during deposition, without heating, produces the least sheet resistance of 4.51x105 Ω/square. These were then combined with CdCl treated CdTe and JV characteristics and carrier lifetimes measured and compared with a reference cell.