SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Field-assessment of Anti-Soiling Glass Surfaces Prepared by Oxygen-Plasma Treatment
Brahim Aissa, Ayman Samara, Mohammad I. Hossain, Juan Lopez Garcia
Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, Saint-Leonard, Canada

Anti-soiling surfaces were prepared by treating commercial glass substrates with oxygen plasma process. The process turned the glass surface onto a superhydrophilic character after exposure to the plasma for only 60 s. Atomic force microscopy analysis showed that a longer oxygen plasma time increased the surface roughness and hence the super hydrophilic capacity. Once exposed to outdoor conditions under desert environment at the Outdoor Test Facility located in state of Qatar, modified glass surfaces have shown a significant anti-soiling effect as compared to untreated glass as determined by the surface coverages by dust accumulation using scanning electron microscopy images. A tangible potential of plasma-treatment derived surface modification for anti-soiling applications is here demonstrated, nevertheless the high complexity of the particle-surface interaction mechanisms should be investigated in depth.