SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Evaluation of an LED simulator for single- and multi-junction PV cell performance testing
Nikos Kopidakis1, Tao Song1, Charles Mack1, Rafell Williams1, Justin Bertagnolli2, Hal Friesen2
1National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO, United States
/2G2V Optics, Edmonton, AB, Canada

We present the evaluation of a solar simulator comprising a Light Emitting Diode (LED) array as its light source. We present characterization of the spatial uniformity of the irradiance and its temporal stability as well as the spectral range and spectral class. For a multisource simulator, the spectral uniformity across the test plane should also be evaluated and we discuss initial results on this. One major advantage of this simulator is the ability to easily adjust the spectral output as needed in multijunction PV cell measurements and we discuss this application here.