SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
A Tool for the Simulation, Evaluation and Teaching the Operation of Low Power Microgrids
Johann Hernández1, Adolfo Jaramillo1, Carlos Arredondo2
1Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, Bogotá, Columbia
/2Universidad de Medellín, Medellín, Columbia

This paper presents the development of a simulation tool to analyze the behavior of a microgrid installed at Universidad Distrital FJDC in Bogotá, Colombia. The microgrid was developed using the software DIgSILENT PowerFactory® and integrates the different elements of electrical power systems (EPS) such as electricity generation (DC and/or AC) (synchronous motors, wind turbines and photovoltaic panels), a battery storage system, a module for balancing different types of electrical loads and the input/output system to the external grid. The development allows performing different analyses such as load flows, obtaining reports for the general system or each particular subsystem and evaluating the behavior of the microgrid under different conditions including the input and/or output of the different subsystems. It was developed using specifically the DPL (DIgSILENT Programming Language) language suite, included within the DIgSILENT® software. Given the versatility of the programming language, the tool allows the inclusion of a new PES to the microgrid, which makes it a support tool for teaching (educational purposes) and research, since it allows extending its operation beyond just evaluating the existing physical microgrid.