SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Back-Reflector Comparison for Dual Junction InGaAs/GaAs with thinned GaAs Subcell
Michael A Lloyd1, Thomas C Mood2, Kenneth J Schmieder3, Jill A Nolde3, Erin R Cleveland3
1NRC Postdoctoral Fellow Residing at Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC, United States
/2Jacobs, Hanover, MD, United States
/3Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC, United States

GaAs-based ultra-thin solar cells have demonstrated improved radiation tolerance and—coupled with back surface reflection to enhance optical path length—have shown promise for high-performance in extreme radiation environments required for space power. This work expands on our prior single-junction development by investigating fabrication strategies and back reflector designs for dual junction InGaP/GaAs solar cells with a thinned GaAs subcell. In particular, we implemented a natural photolithography technique to texture the back surface of the device for light trapping purposes.  Device performance was in the range of 9-11% AM0 efficiency (no antireflection coating), with planar reflectors currently outperforming the textured architectures.