SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Progress and Demonstration of Micro-CPV Module with Integrated Planar Tracking and Diffuse Light Collection
Steve A Askins1, Guido Vallerotto1, César Dominguez1, Mathilde Duchemin2, Gaël Nardin2, Mathieu Ackermann2, Delphine Petri3, Matthieu Despeisse3, Jacques Levrat3, Xavier Niquille4, Christophe Ballif3,4, Juan F Martinez5, Marc Steiner5, Gerald Siefer5, Ignacio Antón1
1Instituto de Energia Solar - UPM , Madrid, Spain
/2Insolight SA, Renens, Switzerland
/3CSEM PV-Center, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
/4EPFL PVLab, Lausanne, Switzerland
/5Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, Germany

Several technologies have been identified that could produce a new type of high-performance solar product optimized for space-constrained applications: micro-CPV, planar microtracking, and diffuse capture. The Swiss start-up Insolight and the Hiperion consortium are bringing such a device to the industrial level. In this work we share the latest results for full-scale modules, discuss improvements to the design and resulting performance gains, and will report the results from pilot installations in Madrid and Freiburg.