SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Development of a Novel Soiling Chamber for  Testing Antisoiling Coatings
Matthew T Muller
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, golden, CO, United States

This study presents the development and validation of a novel soiling chamber.  The chamber is novel in that it includes wind induced soiling, feedback from a low-cost particulate monitor, and in-situ Isc measurements. Validation with side-by-side identical modules within the chamber produced soiling losses of 7% over 19 hours while the soiling ratio was always within 0.5% between the two modules.  Initial side-by-side testing of an anti-soiling coated module versus and uncoated module demonstrated significant wind induced cleaning of the coated module.  Specifically, the coated module showed only 0.8% soiling loss while the uncoated module reached as much as 10.5% soiling loss.