SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Demonstration of a Monolithically Integrated Hybrid Electroabsorptive Modulator/Photovoltaic Device for Bidirectional Free Space Optical Communication at 1.55 µm
Emily Kessler-Lewis1, Stephen J. Polly1, Elijah Sacchitella1, Seth M. Hubbard1, Raymond Hoheisel2
1Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, United States
/2Blacksky Aerospace LLC, Arlington, VA, United States

A three-terminal, monolithically integrated device is presented combining both power generation and optical communication at 1.55 µm. A discrete InP cell without an anti-reflection coating with an AM0 efficiency of 12.8 % and an InGaAs/InAlAs electroabsorption modulator with a peak ON/OFF ratio of 3.0 have been developed. A monolithic device has been grown and fabricated, and is undergoing simultaneous PV collection/free space optical communication testing.