SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Development of Highly Uniform and Reproducible DI-O3 layers for Photovoltaic Applications and Beyond
Munan Gao, Vibhor Kumar, Ngwe Zin
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ, United States

We demonstrate the development and characterization of ozonated oxide (DI-O3) for applications in photovoltaics and beyond. The growth of DI-O3 is investigated by varying 1) the sample orientation in a wafer cassette, 2) growth time and 3) ozone concentration in parts-per-million (ppm); while the thickness and uniformity of DI-O3 layer on the entire 100 mm diameter are characterized by the multi-wavelength ellipsometer equipped with a wafer mapping capability. DI-O3 samples grown horizontally in the wafer cassette provide better uniformity than vertically grown counterparts (i.e., ±1.62% compared to ±8.02% across 100 mm diameter). A modest increase in DI-O3 thickness is observed with increasing growth time (i.e., from 1 min to 3 min and 10 min). An average of 0.06 nm and 0.10 nm of DI-O3 thickness, respectively, is increased when the growth time is increased by 2 min and 7 min. Varying ozone concentration from 3.5 ppm to 15 ppm, on the other hand, is observed with a minimal effect on DI-O3 growth. Thanks to the growth technique (horizontal orientation and continuous dissolved ozone flow) and parameters (15 ppm, 420 ml/min flow and 30oC of dissolved ozone) used in this contribution, we demonstrate the reproducibility of growing DI-O3 with 1.53±0.01 nm and < 3% uniformity on multiple 100 diameter wafers.