SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Outdoor energy performances for standard and bifacial modules as well on the failure modes observed in outdoor conditions
Alessandra Ottana'1,3, Francesco Rametta1, Walter Gangemi2, Claudio Colletti1, Agnese Di Stefano2, Andrea Canino2, Marina Foti1, Cosimo Gerardi1, Fabrizio Bizzarri3
1EGP - Enel Green Power, Catania, Italy
/2EGP - Enel Green Power, Catania, Italy
/3EGP - Enel Green Power, Roma, Italy

In this article is reported the outdoor performance evaluation of 3SUN bifacial HJT PV modules carried out in the Enel Green Power Innovation Lab of Catania – Passo Martino. In the analysis in terms of Performace Ratio, a monofacial PV technology is used as a reference, and in order to ensure a fair comparison different commercial module technologies have been selected and monitored. The present paper aims at demonstrating the superior production of the heterojunction modules due to their higher passivation, better thermal coefficients and highlight the bifacial gain.