SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Effect of Phenethylammonium Thiocyanate Additive in Tin Perovskite for Efficient and Stable Pb-free Perovskite Solar Cells
DHRUBA B. KHADKA, Yasuhiro Shirai, Masatoshi Yanagida, Kenjiro Miyano
National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan

The phenethylammonium thiocyanate (PEASCN) was introduced into the FASnI3 perovskite film as a pseudohalide functional additive to improve the optoelectronic properties. This results in the suppression of Sn-oxidation and compact and larger grain film with better crystallinity. The device with a PEASCN additive improved the power conversion efficiency (PCE) from 4.52% (control) to 9.65% (PEASCN). The device analysis revealed that the PEASCN additive has improved the optoelectronic properties coupled with a higher diffusion potential and passivation of defect densities in the Sn-PSCs. This report suggests that the pseudohalide-based functional additive is propitious for film growth, modification of surface chemistry, and defects at interface and bulk.