SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Three-diemnsional c-Si solar cell array for diffused and omni-directional indoor light
Yeon Hyang Sim1,2, Min Ju Yun1, Dong Yoon Lee1, Seung I. Cha1,2
1Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Changwon, Korea
/2University of Science and Technology, Changwon, Korea

Recently, demands of the indoor solar cells for individual electric devices and have been increased. For using crystalline-silicon solar cells for indoor, it should be overcome low performance under weak light. In this paper, three-dimensional structure was applied to improve the surface area for get more diffused and omni-directional light.  As the result, tetrahedron structured c-Si solar cell was achieved twice power output than flat cell. This suggest crystalline-silicon solar cell would be used for indoor photovoltaics.