SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Flexible and Lightweight CdS/CdTe Solar Cells via a Water-Assisted Lift-Off Process
Sandip S Bista, Deng-Bing Li, Suman Rijal, Sabin Neupane, Rasha A Awni, Randall J Ellingson , Zhaoning Song, Adam Phillips, Michael Heben , Yanfa Yan
The University of Toledo , Toledo , OH, United States

Delaminating a device from a rigid substrate and transforming it to a substrate of interest is a promising method for fabricating lightweight and flexible solar cells. Here, CdS/CdTe solar cells were grown on a mica sheet and delaminated through a water-assisted lift-off process. Due to the moisture sensitivity characteristic of mica, CdCl2 treatment is the most challenging part. We addressed this issue by introducing a CdCl2 vapor treatment for both CdS buffer and CdTe absorber layer, individually. We observed that two-time CdCl2 treatment (one for CdS and for CdTe) can help enhance recrystallization, yielding larger grain sizes for both the CdS buffer and CdTe absorber layers compared to one-time CdCl2 treatment after CdTe deposition leading to a power conversion efficiency of 12.6 % with high specific power (W/Kg).