SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
A thermal model for bifacial PV panels
Shahzada Pamir Aly, Jim Joseph John, Gerhard Mathiak, Omar Albadwawi, Luis Martin Pomares, Vivian Alberts
Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA), Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A one-dimensional transient thermal model has been developed to predict the through thickness temperature of a bifacial PV panel under varying field operating conditions. The developed model can be used for any bifacial PV technology and can be applied to any location in the world. The model requires inputs of irradiance, ambient temperature and wind speed field data, along with the PV site information, to estimate the PV cells temperature. The model has been validated using experimental data from two different locations, in Italy and Spain, with RMSE less than 2.28 ºC for both case studies.